Adbridge, a mobile marketing platform based on QRcodes



Adbridge has multiple pricing plans that suits your needs. Adbridge works for small agencies and large international enterprises. Adbridge offers an unlimited amount of scans per month based on fixed fees and number of accounts. By doing so, you know the cost and can plan your campaign ahead. Let us take care of the technique, so you can focus on your campaign.

Adbridge has pricing plans for freelancers, small to mid sized businesses, large companies and advertising agencies. All accounts are based on 1 year acces to the Adbridge platform:



0-5 QR codes                                           € 195,= for 1 year access

0-10 QR codes                                         € 295,= for 1 year access

0-25 QR codes                                         € 495,= for 1 year access

0-50 QR codes                                         € 745,= for 1 year access

0-100 QR codes                                       € 995,= for 1 year access

0-200 QR codes                                       € 1.500,= for 1 year access



Because we use individual pricing structures, we can meet your requirements and fit every budget.

The benefits are: 

  1. Track your traditional print and/or outdoor campaign
  2. Return on investment (ROI)
  3. Setup a campaign in minutes
  4. Easy to use, professional admin interface
  5. 100% ownership rights over statistics
  6. Professional hosted service with backup garantee
  7. Fast and accurate proxy for flexible QR codes
  8. 100% cost effective
  9. Professional support and service
  10. Professional user and client management

 And much more!

Call now to talk to the QR codes specialist and have them set-up an account according to your needs :

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