Adbridge, a mobile marketing platform based on QRcodes


Adbridge Features

Adbridge is a professional mobile marketing QR code management tool with a rich set of features. These features enable you to reach the results you want from your QR code mobile marketing campaign.

Management tool

Adbridge gives you all the tools you need to create a effective and succesful QR Code campaign. Create phone scannable barcodes that allow you to link things in the physical world to digital content.

Manage campaigns

Add and manage your own campaigns. Campaign Groups. You can create unlimited number of groups and sort the campaigns accordingly.

hierarchical structure Adbridge

Reach the Mobile Audience

Use Adbridge to easily generate QR Codes that can make your printed materials interactive. Publish them on your printed materials and then start directing your mobile audience to mobile websites, landing pages, videos, and more! Then, you can track the effectiveness of your QR Codes in real-time through our reporting dashboards.


Easily track the number of times a barcode was scanned, demographics, combined with the power of Google Analytics! Instantly track how many times a code has been scanned. Track scans of QR Codes that point to the web in real-time. Gain insight into what phones they're using. Measure their success by seeing: number of scans, date and time, devices used. Also have an instant insight in the performance of your website with the stats from Google Analytics. Combined the power of Adbridge QR analytics and webanalytics and start improving your campaign.


Combine your codes into campaigns to see how they perform as a group or view them individually. Provide full accountability with our integrated statistics suite and scheduled reporting system. Manage multiple advertising sources over your campaigns and determine which are the most effective.


Giving you a flexible QR Code. Traditional QR Codes are tied to a specific page.  Our system helps you free the QR Code and allows you to easily redirect where the QR Code points to. Change & schedule the target of your QR Codes at any time allowing you to be creative with your campaigns. You can edit your campaign any time, without changing the QR Codes already in circulation.

Choose your format

Download your codes in PNG, EPS, or SVG format. Whether you're putting a code in print media or sending it in an email, we've got you covered. Generate QR Codes with different target types (URL, vCard, YouTube, E-mail, SMS etc). Create compact QR Codes (better scanning performance) in any resolution in both bitmap and vector formats. allows users to create QR Codes that can send a user directly to different types of content including: a web page, a vCard, a Google Map with pinpointed location, YouTube video, phone number, e-mail, or SMS.

Reduce errors using compact codes

Compact codes that reduce margin for error and can be replicated at smaller sizes Our system produces compact 21x21 cell codes, giving better scanning performance across devices and allowing codes to be printed at a smaller physical size, or scanned from greater distances, whilst minimising scanning errors. (The cells are the black and white squares that make up the code). Compact codes also look more professional and are less visually distracting than codes with a larger number of cells.

Increase Advertisement ROI

By printing QR codes on physical media and linking them to your site or coupons, you can transform standard advertisements into dynamic, engaging experiences that can be tweaked, tracked, and improved even after the ad is distributed.


Full accountability and campaign tracking via an impressive integrated statistics tracking package By associating multiple codes with a campaign you can track and compare the performance of different advertising media for that particular campaign. See what works best for you and concentrate your budgets/efforts there rather than waste money on media that isn't working for you. There system contains built-in 'dimensions' which you can use for tracking, including location and owner, and can be extended with your own 'dimensions'. We have taken inspiration from Google Analytics interface and terminology to provide users with a familiar experience.

Dynamic QR codes

Adbridge allows users to change the destination target of the QR Code at any time. This allows agencies and advertisers to change content during the campaign. Dynamic QR codes allow users of Adbridge to change the output of the campaign if the results are not to satisfaction. An example. You print a campaign on a billboard. With Dynamic QR codes it is now possible to redirect the QR codes on a daily basis to new content like for example youtube movies. This makes the campaign exciting and allows you to engage your customer on a daily basis during the campaign.

Reporting features

The dashboard shows you a summary of the following data:

  1. Hour by hour scan reports.
  2. Total scans for the period specified.
  3. Total number of unique scans for the period specified.
  4. Total pageviews for the period.
  5. Devices used.
  6. Start and end date of campaign.
  7. Location of the user (coming soon).
  8. Client users.
  9. Number of QR codes used.
  10. Responses from different print media types.

Additional Service provided by One Shoe mobile

Personalized QR codes

Interested in using QR codes for your direct mail campaign? I'ts now possible to create a personalized QR codes by hiding the names and adresses of your clients in the QR codes. By doing so, it's possible to create personalized landingpages and enrich your Direct Mail campaign. Please contact One Shoe mobile for more information about personalized QR codes and Direct Mobile Marketing services.

Bulk QR codes

Planning on sending out a large number of Direct Mails. One Shoe mobile offers the possibility to create Bulk QR code campaigns. We've created campaigns with up to 100.000+ addressees. Please contact One Shoe mobile for more information about Bulk QR codes and Direct Mobile Marketing services.

Personalized branded QR reader

One Shoe mobile offers the possibility to create a personalized branded QR reader for your company. We've created the successful reader (available in appstores) which included rich features like direct scanning, history and social media integration. For several international clients we've realized branded version of this reader. Please contact One Shoe mobile for more information about the personalized branded QR reader.
For iPhone: scanner for iPhone
For Android: scanner for Android

Consultancy and creativity

A variety of mobile consulting services are provided by One Shoe mobile to help you with everything from campaign ideation through to planning, execution and post-campaign analysis. Please contact One Shoe mobile for more information about our Mobile Marketing services.