Adbridge, a mobile marketing platform based on QRcodes


About Adbridge and QR codes

The Adbridge QR code mobile marketing campaign management tool is used by companies, publishers and agencies worldwide! Setup a mobile campaign in minutes and reach out to your audience using targeted QR-codes and measure your campaign results.

We know marketing, advertisement and advertisers. It’s all about results and engagement nowadays. The mobile telephone has brought us new ways of communication and social media brought us interaction between businesses and their customers. Nowadays businesses need to be able to engage with their customers at any given time and vice versa. Adbridge makes this possible by bridging the gap between the offline and online world using QR codes. Adbridge is a professional mobile marketing campaigntool based on QR codes that allows businesses and consumers to interact. Adbridge provides tools to measure the performance of campaigns and gives insight in all the necessary statistics. Adbridge is used by small, medium and large businesses, publishers, marketing and advertising agencies throughout Europe and the United States.


Adbridge helps you reach your, or your clients, customers. Set up a mobile campaign in minutes, bridge the gap between the offline and online world and start interacting with you customers. Check the performance of your campaign and website on an hourly basis and change the course if necessary. You’ve always wanted to be in control? Now you can, using Adbridge.

About QR codes

QR codes (quick response codes) are two dimensional barcodes which can be scanned with mobile phones using QR code scanning software. QR Codes enable mobile users to cross over from printed materials to online content within seconds. This will help you to drive more traffic to your website, strengthen brand awareness, and makes it easy for people to interact with your company.

Why use Adbridge

Using Adbridge has many advantages. Adbridge let's you stay in control of your campaign and gives you the possibility to optimize your campaign along the way based on statistics.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  1. Track your traditional print and/or outdoor campaign
  2. Prove your campaign's ROI (Return On Investment)
  3. Setup a campaign in minutes
  4. Easy to use, professional admin interface
  5. Professional hosted service with backup guarantee
  6. Fast and accurate proxy for flexible QR codes
  7. 100% cost effective
  8. Professional support and service
  9. Professional user and client management
  10. And much more!

Who is behind Adbridge

Adbridge as a service is provided by One Shoe mobile, a Dutch pioneer in mobile marketing. One Shoe mobile started in 2006 and is the leading force behind the introduction of QR codes in the Netherlands via One Shoe mobile was the first mobile agency to introduce QR codes on food packaging in supermarkets, on monuments and on real estate property. One Shoe mobile, together with postal service provider TNT, succesfully introduced Direct Mobile Marketing (DMM), a new service using QR codes to cross the gap between Direct Mail and the online world. One Shoe mobile works for international clients like TNT, Deloitte, Sanoma and SOS Children's Villages. With over 40 employees we are more then ready to help you! For more information about One Shoe, surf to